26 Sep

Pretty stable early Fall conditions.  Normal to low flow and level with clarity decent.

The walleye bite is still pretty spotty but is showing some signs of life.  I think what we're seeing is a trickle of fish starting to make their way up river.  With the lower flow and level, it is a good idea to lean on main river spots with flow versus side channels and cuts that we are used to targeting with high water.  Also as the water cools the lake bite should start to perk up as well.  Main lake shorelines with rock are always areas that will hold fall walleyes on our system.

The panfish bite is still very good.  The crappies we have been catching have liked bait.  I like to fish bare hair jigs but lately jigs tipped with a minnow have been doing far better.  This will too change with the cooler water we have coming ahead of us.  Water in the 50s will usually trigger a more aggressive mood and bait will probably not be needed. 

Pics below include Martin Hentges and Jeff Green with a nice mixed bag from early in the week.

Next is Rick Hendel with a couple of our crappies from Tuesday.

Jeff and Ed Werneke are in the next three with a dandy mixed bag.  Jeff and Ed have been coming to fish since my first year of guiding in 2005.  They were actually the third group I ever took.  Always good to see these two again.

The last few are Cole and Sam Kuehl.  One of those days when the stars all lined up.  Sam had caught what we thought was probably the fish of the day (28.5") but late in the day Cole hooked one just a tic bigger (29.25").  These along with a limit of eater walleyes and some crappies to throw in as well.  Nicely done you two.

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