28 May

Water level is about 3 feet high and clarity is dingy.  Water temps are climbing to somewhat normal levels for June.

We are getting to that time of year on the river when you sometimes need to search out clean water before you search for walleyes.  With recent rains, certain sections of the river have gotten pretty dirty while others remain clean or clean enough to fish.  This becomes quite a chess game as things can change by the hour.  

It seems to me that as we get into the time where we are just getting clean enough to catch fish after a dirty water stretch that pulling bait slowly upstream can be the best bet for catching.  This is a good way to catch fish that won't chase a crankbait or hit a jig fished downstream with the current.  Tipping a floater with a leech or piece of a crawler is usually part of the spread with a bare hook and a bead tipped with the same baits in the mix as well.  Give the fish some options and see what they prefer. If you see they have a preference, load the deck with what they want.  

We had good luck with this method yesterday while all other baits got ignored.  As we sorted through the process we found that leeches were the ticket at least for our boat to have the most success.  It didn't seem to matter whether on a floater or a plain hook it just had to be a leech.

Check in again as I will have current reports about every 10 days.


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