12 Sep

Water level and flow are pretty normal or just a bit low for early fall.  

A lot of people have been commenting on how low the water is on pool 4.  The fact is that we are really pretty normal or at least normal if you throw out the last couple years.  We got used to very high water all the time the last two years but in reality the level we are at right now is very common for this time of the year.  

Walleye fishing this week was definitely on the slower side but we were able to scrape out a few each day if we stayed with it.  The better news was that the crappies were in a more cooperative mood with pretty good numbers and size.  All of our crappies and about half of the walleyes this week were caught on small bucktail jigs. This pattern really excels when the water temps are from 50-65 degrees in the fall.  We just got into the upper part of that zone and should stay there for the better part of this month or even into October depending.

Brent and Jake Neubauer and Scott Wedemeier are shown with a few of our crappies in the first three pics. 

Next is Clint Evans with his first river walleye.  

Last is his dad Cliff, Clint and Mitch Mcartor with our take for the day.


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