03 Oct

Low level and flow and water temps that are just a bit lower than normal as well. 

Low fall flows usually mean crappie fishing on our river will be really good and that has been the case over the last couple weeks.  Panfish seem to have an upstream migration when we have extended low flows.  It has been a few years since we have experienced these conditions but are in the middle of it right now.  As you can see by the pics below very good numbers and size have been the norm on trips as of late.  

Walleyes on the other hand are much slower to make their move upriver when we have lower flows and when they do they seem to scatter and use the whole river basin for their movement.  This makes them harder to pinpoint generally but not uncatchable, just a little harder to put numbers together with scattered and less fish.  We saw signs of movement and new fish this week and with cooler than normal water temps should push more along every day.  Trolling is always a good search tool during these conditions and was for my boat lately too.

Dick Ridout and Jim Ritter start out pics.  Fish are never safe when these two are on the water.  A couple of crafty river vets who I have known for years.  Always good to get together with them.

Dolly and Bob Peters in the next couple with a mixed bag.

Tom and Chuck Rodman in the next three with some bigger than average fish. 

Beth Busch and Les Johns show off a few of our crappies from Thursday.

The last few are Mike Dochtorman, Ken Stark and Mitch Mcartor.  Mike and Ken had a pair of big flatheads(37 and 29#s) that we caught pulling crankbaits and a few of the target species as well.  

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