15 May

Conditions are good on the river although our water levels are very low for this time of year. Water temps are still on the rebound and gaining about one degree a day.

A great stretch of weather led to a great stretch of fishing.  Water temps that were on the rise all week had the fish in a positive mood. Trolling was the name of the game for my boat to put numbers of nice fish in the boat every day. We did have some luck fishing bait late in the week as well but the trolling bite was hard to leave alone. 

The vast majority of our fish have been saugers but a few nice walleyes have been showing up in the mix too. With water levels much lower than typical for this time of year, we have been fishing spots that would normally have way too much current on them. Definitely a different scenario this year with these conditions.

I did hear from those that spent their days pulling or dragging bait and they reported a favorable bite as well. We have a lot of options this time of year so pick your favorite and have at it. 

Below in pics are Greg Liebelt, Leif Knecht, Sarah Johnson, Matt and Dolly Peters, Georgia, Aubrey and Joyce Morris, Brian and Brad Maxwell along with Keith Olszewski, Alex Krieger and last Don Kubage and Bryan Pieper 

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