04 May

Conditions are good on the river with low flows, good clarity and climbing water temps.

We have been waiting for the water temps to recover for quite a while and we're finally getting back to where they should be. With that, the fish are starting to be more aggressive as well. The beginning of this stretch saw us still pulling Dubuque Rigs but now have migrated to pulling crankbaits and rigging live bait. Dragging live bait downstream will be next and may be working now but hasn't been part of my program yet.

Some nice fish and lately a pretty good numbers bite as well but fish are on the move with the falling water. You can get them pretty good in a spot one hour and then they are gone. I've been trusting electronics more lately than ever before.

Pics below include Larry Fortier, Brent Paulsen, (Cat Man) John Brayden, Larry Prange, Roger Budney and Matt Budney. 

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