30 Oct

Conditions are good with low level and flow. Water clarity is good at @ 2 feet and temps are normal for late October.

The bite over the past couple weeks has been about as good as it can be. Many presentations are working to put fish in the boat. Blades, Jigging Raps/jigs/plastic, Miller Rigs, Dubuque Rigs and hair jigs have all been good options in my boat over this stretch.

In Pics below are Travis Otto, Matt and Jeremy Fahey.

Leif Knecht

Blair Fowler, Jim Hayes and Leif

David Reiss and Todd Montgomery

Tim Drexler (28 lbs)

Erick Wolf (Sturgeon)

Erick, Joe and Brian Wolf

Joe Wolf (28 1/2 inches)

Joe and Erick with some nice crappies

Jay Franz, Jake Edel and Jerry Arseneau 

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