17 Oct

Water level and flow are up a bit and temps are falling back quickly.  

We wrapped up another great week on the river and got to experience the full gamut of upper midwest fall weather.  Falling water temps and cold fronts can be associated with poor fishing but that is not the case on the river in Oct/Nov.  It really works just the opposite and that was evident this week as we fished through snow, rain, sleet, wind and even a little good weather early in the week.  The bite remained good throughout this stretch for both walleyes/saugers and crappies. 

We caught most of our saugers early in the week on minnows one way or another but by later in the week they had spurts of hitting plastics pretty good as well.  I'm guessing the bait bucket will be out of my boat for the year by next week as our water temps drop below the 50 degree mark.  

Crappies still preferred bait as well, rather than a bare hair jig.  They are much more likely to hit a bare hare jig pitched as opposed to fished vertically.  Must be a reaction thing when pitching...go figure.   

Some great pics below and none better than the first.  Jeff Van Ewyk got the week started with a bang.  Only a couple hours in and he hooked up with this dandy(29.75").

Roy Nowak and Jeff are in the next pic with just a couple of fish that came to the boat during their trip.

Leif Knecht, Blair Fowler and Mark Van Hoef are in the next couple with some from their half day trip.  Leif's sauger was just a tic over 20. 

The last few are of John Utter, Mitch Macartor and me.  Some nice fish and John in the last one that showed just how beautiful it was on the water Friday.

Our bite should roll right on with the water temps on the fall and many fish on the way upriver.

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