23 Apr

The water is slowly receding with levels and flows fairly normal for this time of year but water temps are still on the cool side.

The bite in general has been pretty inconsistent with water temps still trying to recover from the crash a couple weeks ago.  One day can be pretty solid with the next leaving you scratching your head.  With that said we were still able to manage a lot of great fish over this stretch.  

We were still mixing in Dubuque Rigs, trolling cranks and casting plastic to catch our fish depending on area and water temp.  Certain areas require certain methods and water temp sways our decision one way or the other as well.

Leif Knecht is shown in the first couple pics.  He caught these both on Dubuque Rigs with the biggest going 28 1/4 inches and weighing 9.4 pounds.

Noel, Lori and Nick Austin are next with a few that we kept from last Friday.  We worked hard for these.

Joan and Kelley Kopacz and Kerry McAllen are shown with an end gate full.  Mostly Dub Rigged fish.

Mark Kreig with a 27 incher that swallowed a jointed #5 rap.

Last is Jeff kuehl with a dandy pair and some that went home .

Hopefully some weather in the near future that will push water temps up a bit and put a little more consistency in the bite.

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