25 Oct

Everything is stable on the river except water temps which continue to fall daily.

We have a stretch every fall on the river that it seems like the walleyes and saugers are everywhere and are eating everything.  We had that stretch this past week as the water temps fell into and on down through the 40s.  This, along with shorter days, triggers our fish every year to go on an instinctive feeding binge which is like no other. This year it happened a little bit earlier than normal due to the unseasonably cold weather. 

Most all presentations are working but some better than others depending on what depth and how much current you are fishing.  We spent most of our time Dubuque Rigging with various plastic baits sometimes moving slowly upstream or even sitting still when in heavier current.  Others pulling stick baits, vertically fishing blades or plastics have been doing well also. 

The crappie bite was still in full swing early in the week when water temps were in the upper 40s but slowed toward the end of the week with the crash in water temps. Falling temps will slow these fish down on most occasions but they will likely rebound and be more willing if we can stabilize in the lower to mid 40s. 

Keith Aljets, Gary Boland and Seth Ireland show off some nice crappies from early in the week.( Note the snowflakes).

Jason and Roy Latto were in the next couple.  Jason had the fish of the week @ 26.5 Inches...caught on a Hutch Sauger Slayer.  Roy's sauger pushed the 20" mark.

Bill Shimota showed us how to deal with the snow in the "651 Carpets Boat" in the 4th pic.

Heidi and Scott Brosseau are in the next couple with a pair of tankers.  (21 and 20 inches)

The next three are Bob Roby, Brad Schreiber and Matt Fahey.  Nice Crappie...another 20" sauger and our take for the day.

The last three are Larry Buck and Tim Drexler with more fat fish.  (Note the snowflakes)

We should have a lot of great fishing ahead with moderating temps and more fish on the way up river.

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