06 Nov

Conditions on the river haven't changed a lot other than a little warm up in water temps.

This report covers the past couple weeks.  I was on the water about half the time so thought I would wait a week to report.  The fishing during this stretch has been pretty phenomenal.  Kind of what we expect on our stretch of the river during the fall but is still hard to comprehend unless you experience it first hand.  Gobs of really nice saugers has been the norm for my boat each day with a mix of nice walleyes as well depending on where and how you fish.  

We have caught fish on a variety of rigs over this stretch.  Dubuque Rigs, Miller Rigs, blades, vertically jigging and pulling stick baits just to name a few have all been good producers.  I could go on and on but the gist of it all is that this is a good time to learn something new or just catch them on your favorite rig. 

The warm up in water temps did change the bite from suicidal to having to work harder for them.  The next cool down will likely kick them into high gear again but only time will tell and we never know that till it happens.

Some good pics below include....Me (25 and 26 inchers).  

Paul Grunau and Keven Albertson (20+ inchers).

Greg Liebelt was so hot on Wednesday that he was catching them in the teeth with the hair jig.  If you look close you can see the hair was caught in the teeth...no hook needed.  He is shown next with a giant grin that is the result of him setting the hook for the ......well we don't really know.  We lost count after 20 times.

Mike Cochran with another 20+ inch sauger.

The last picture, although not fish,  was from early this week.  Craig Knock, Me, Kirke Henry, Tony Snook and Bridger Hahn.  The results of a great day on the North Dakota prairie. ( That Sitka Gear Marsh pattern does blend in well in the picked corn too). 

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