23 Apr

The water is high but normal for spring and slowly receding.  Water temps are still on the cold side @ 42 degrees.

A lot of hours on the water in the last couple weeks. The weather extremes we've experienced have really affected the way we went about catching our fish. We were cruising along pretty good catching numbers and size both. Then the cold weather gave us a jolt and in two days (4/13-4/15) water temps dropped 5 degrees. Changing from plastics to minnows was an absolute must to get bit in my boat.

After this abrupt change it took a couple days for the fish to adjust but even though the water temps didn't recover very quickly, the fish seemed to reacclimate and start hitting plastic baits again. 

It's hard to tell exactly where we're at in the spawn but we do know it has stretched it out longer than normal. We caught a few walleyes on Thursday that were still full of eggs and yet yesterday most of our saugers were spawned out. I would guess that by the end of the week the spawn will be largely behind us although I'm not very optimistic on the success of the spawn as we have cold temps again in the forecast.

A few pics below of some of our past couple weeks fish.

Kyle Biddle (28 3/4"-12.3#)

Me (23"- 5.6#)

Brent Paulsen (24 1/2")

Matt Schlager

Me (26 1/2"- 8.8#)

Steve Benke (23")

Matt Peters (23")

Dolly Peters (27 1/2"-9.9#)

Me (28 1/2 - 10.3#)

John Braiden (2 x 21")

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