15 Apr

Water is high but receding steadily.  Clarity is still very good with at least 12 inch visibility.  Water temps have checked back a few degrees.

Fishing has been right on par for April on Pool 4.  Many fat saugers each day as they are just starting to spawn it seems.  We have caught a handful of fish that have spawned out but a very small percentage.

Walleyes on the other hand are right in the middle or back end of the process.  Still some females full of eggs but more seem to be spawned out than not.  I think water temp does factor into how fast the process goes from start to finish but length of days and the calendar(moon) probably are more of a trigger in the grand scheme of things.

My boat still relies on Dubuque Rigs with heavy jigs and plastic on both ends to get bit consistently by all sizes of fish.  The rig is just really versatile and keeps people in the right place for longer periods of time and is usually my go to method when fishing deeper seams (>10') when water temps are in the 40s.  

Photos below give you just a sample of the last 10 days.  Just another testament to what our river has to offer.  

Me with a fat female that ate a big jig with a paddletail.

Jason Papenfuss and a big river crappie that ate a bait waaay to big for its size.

Me with a spawned out female that sucked up a ringworm on the back of a Dub Rig. 

Taylor and Greg Lambrecht with a couple big saugers.

John Lopata and Mitch Mcartor with a couple of decent walleyes.

Bret Borth in the first snowy picture with a good one caught on a jig/paddle tail.

Craig Sandeen in the second snowy picture with a real tanker that also hit a jig/paddle tail. 

Denver in the last one with a nice spawned out female.

We are still operating with only two customer in the boat and will continue to do so as long as distancing between people is recommended.  Safety is obviously our first concern so following guidelines along with good common sense will keep us all safe and sane as we work through this process.

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