20 Nov

Pretty stable conditions other than dropping water temps.

The sauger onslaught continues on the river at Red Wing. Day in and day out the sauger bite has been good to great with many presentations catching fish. We have spent at least half of our time the last couple weeks pulling stick baits on three way rigs. Single Rapalas worked the best until the water got into the low 40s but we did notice a definite preference for the second (front) bait as we got colder, especially Friday. The front bait of the double rap set up has little or no action but is very effective when metabolisms slow down.

Miller Rigs were also good a couple days as well. Various plastics were the best but Hutch Tackle Sauger Slayers were the most consistent bait we had. Paddle tails with a splash of chartreuse were a close second.  

Dubuque Rigs have also caught a few fish for us lately. Again plastics on both ends with Sauger Slayers, ringworms and paddle tails all catching a few.

All fish pictured below, except the ones on the cleaning table, were from 19-22.5 inches long and returned to the water. In pictures are Scott Krakow, Doug Sims, Luke and Jack Leddy, Lucas Messerly, Lance Messerly, Sean McCoy, Jim Ritter, Fred Evans and Lenny Pawlak. 

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