20 Nov

Water level and flow are up a bit.  Clarity is increasing (at least 2 feet in most places) as water temps have fallen into the upper 30s.

The one constant on every trip over the past couple weeks is many, many, many saugers.  The most common statement I hear over and over again is "I can't believe the size and number of saugers in this system". 

I have been using various methods to catch these fish but generally have been pulling various rigs upstream.  Miller Rigs, Dubuque Rigs, Raps pulled on three ways and just long lining a jig have all been upstream presentations that have worked in my boat over this stretch. Vertical and downstream methods have been working for others I have talked to as well. 

Our catches have been made up of mostly saugers with a few walleyes in the mix each day.  This is common for the methods we are using as we are targeting deeper stretches. We have been keeping saugers up to 18 inches but try to put back any bigger than that.  A 19 inch sauger is like a 24 inch walleye proportionately.   

There are faces below that you see frequently and also a few new ones.  Leif Knecht, Greg Liebelt and Jay Franz are all local gents that visit me often.  They are shown in the first three pics and a few down below.  A great group of guys who love to get out and catch fish on the river and use my boat as a place to do it.  I have been fortunate to connect with these guys and many others just like them who all have the same outdoor interests.

Joel Solheid, Joe Hoffman and Ron Busch are shown in the "snowy" pictures.  These fellow New Prague natives and I teamed up after they generously donated to an ALS benefit fundraiser.  A great day of catching with this crew of avid outdoorsmen who adapted quickly to our river techniques.

Doug Mcmanemy (blue coat) and Tom Meyer have also been frequent fliers in my boat over the years. Two more guys who are great to have in the boat on a regular basis.

The last two pics are a pair of newcomers who picked up on things quickly.  Josh Fouquette and Roger Schares both show off dandy saugers.

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