03 Apr

Water levels are again on a quick rise. Clarity remains good and water temps are hovering just under the 40 degree mark.

We have been able to fish over this past ten days but not without some changes to the process.  I have limited the number of people in my boat to three rather than 4 to maintain some space between anglers.  Wiping down all rods, reels and other surfaces before and after each trip and making sure all on board have not had any exposure or symptoms of any kind.  Obviously safety is the number one priority but also giving people a way to get out and have some normalcy during these very extraordinary times.  I am going to cautiously continue to run trips as long as the guidelines don't change or the river gets too high.

With all that said, the fishing has been what you would expect for late March/early April.  Many, many saugers and quite a few nice walleyes each day has been the norm for my boat all week.  Pulling Dubuque Rigs with a variety of plastics has been our go to producer and vertical jigging "Hutch Sauger Slayers" has been productive as well.  Water temps have been hovering in the upper 30s so we have spent most of our time in deeper current seams(13'-25').  This will change to working shallower seams with the rigs and pitching jigs as the water temps warm into the 40s.

Another positive thought....We are set up for another banner spawn if the predictions of lasting high water and warm temps in the near future are accurate. This is the perfect scenario for another great walleye/sauger spawn which would be three years in a row.

A quick rundown of pics below.....Tom (THE GUN) Hugley, Kevin Albertson, Marty Hahn, Marty Peterson, Brian Luethmers, Brad Kleinwolterink, Chuck Blair and Jake Edel.

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