18 Mar

Conditions are  good on the river with level and flow slowly falling after cresting on Wednesday.  Clarity is good at 2 feet.

Since the last report the river has risen, reached its crest and now started to slowly fall.  The best part of this is that the clarity was good all the way through which let us keep catching during the whole stretch. We caught the majority of our fish Dubuque Rigging but also had a good run vertically with jigs/minnows. 

We are still very early in our Spring season and already we have had our first raise and crest. We are set up nicely for a great run ahead of us. What kind of water we are fishing will obviously be dictated now by how much rain we get in the near future. We know the fish will be there but the height of the river will dictate location as always.

No real giants yet but a lot of quality fish into the low 20" range. Shown in pics below are Chase Drexler, Time Drexler, Jay Franz, Blair Fowler, Leif Knecht, Randy Dallugee, Brad Heller, Kyle Kuehl and Cole Kuehl, Brad and Kyle in the last one.

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