09 Apr

Cool, Rising and clean would describe the water conditions on the river.

The bite over the last couple weeks has been pretty steady. Cooler water temps put them in a less aggressive mood on some days but keeping plastic baits in their face was the ticket to catching them every day for my boat. Crawling upstream very slowly or sitting in one spot not moving baits very fast is a very good way to coax fish out of cold, stained water.

The water is on the rise again and this should bode well for the fishing in the next couple weeks although we really need some warmer temps to ensure we have a successful spawn. What happens in the next couple weeks has everything to do with what we have to catch three, four and five years down the road. We are pretty spoiled right now with the numbers and size of walleyes and saugers that we have in the system. Spoiled is how we want to stay and will with the right conditions.

A bunch of nice fish below. Here is a rundown...Larry Buck, Mike Nadolny, Larry Larsen, Leif Knecht, Wayne Gadient, me, Eric Bennett, Brian Paulson (Brian caught this in his boat, I was just there to snap the picture), Dennis Skeel, Chad Asher, Eric Battle, me again, Steve Sorenson and Dan Sorenson.

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