26 Mar

Water level is up about 5 feet and still rising.  Clarity is still decent at about 10 inches.  

With high water comes a good bite.  Just like you flipped a switch we went from a so-so grind it out bite to catching many fish in many spots.  It's amazing what a little flow and cutting that clarity from 6' to 1' will do. 

We spent the majority of the week pulling rigs/plastic upstream and short spurts of pitching plastics.  Both were effective but when the wind blows 30-50 mph it is much more effective to stay under and close to the boat with your baits.  Purples and Oyster shell were our most consistent colors by far but we fished under cloudy skies most every day. 

A pretty even mix of walleyes and saugers for my boat with some locations being species specific and others a pretty even mix.  

Our water level is supposed to level off this week but would guess that when or if it ever warms up again we will see that water go up just a bit more with a lot of snow up north to melt yet.

Below you will find me Marty Hahn, Ron and Mike Kistler, John and Steve Ketchmark and me Marty Hahn again.

Amazingly the two fish I am holding are both males (26" and 25.5").  About as big as you'll see male walleyes get in our system.

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