02 Apr

Steadily rising and cold sums up the conditions on pool 4.

Since my last update we have went from low flow and clear to steadily rising and dingy.

This is a very normal progression in the spring and so far has been about as good as we could hope for. We have a lot of snow to melt off yet and eventually we are going to have very high water. This is not a bad thing if we can get some heat to warm up the water by the time the fish get into their spawning ritual.

Fishing has been pretty good over the past couple of weeks with steady numbers and a few bigs in the mix as well. We did have one very slow day after single digit temps dropped water temps a few degrees but overall consistent. 

Vertical jigging and dragging early in the report gave way to Dubuque Rigging with plastic as of late to coax fish into the boat.

We should have a bunch of good fishing directly ahead of us although conditions will dictate when and where.

Below you can see a sample of what the river has to offer. 

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