20 Mar

Low but rising steadily are the water conditions on the river.

Spring has finally sprung and allowed us to get out on the water quite a bit this past week.

Low, clear water is how we started out but by weeks end we were on the up and getting a little color in the water.  We were able to catch some nice fish each day but grinding pretty good was the norm.  This is pretty typical for this time of year when we are just making the first transition from low clear water to raising and stained.  

Tipping jigs and rigs with minnows was really successful during the week along with blades and plastics.  More quality fish came out of 12-20 fow than any.

Pics below include Jonathon and Andy Speltzer in the first.

Chris and Dave Irwin and Daniel Riebe in the next two.

Last up are Alex Klindwood, Chase Drexler and Matt Boyd.

A great way to get the season started with a gob of fish just on the horizon.

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