18 Dec

Conditions are pretty normal for winter.  Low flow and pretty clean water.

A pretty big gap between reports as I was away for Thanksgiving and an Iowa deer hunt.  I did get on the water quite a few times and found the bite to be pretty good all the way through. Not the suicidal bite we had for the prior month but still good.  

As the water temps dropped we spent more time straight up and down with plastic or longlining jigs slowly upstream. One of these two presentations or both got the job done most every day but others worked as well. Clean water and low flows still are dominant so midriver is where most of the action has been...because...that is where most of the current has been.

Trips on the river itself will be weather dependent in the next couple months but ice fishing backwater areas should kick in after the holidays. 

Bernard Harvey and Kevin Albertson are shown below.

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