09 Jan

Pool 4 (Red Wing) Water Temp 34: Level 3.4 :Flow @ 11,800cfs

Water clarity is about 5' while water level and flow are normal for winter.

Quite a span between reports so a lot of trips on the open water and some ice trips as well.  The river has fallen into the mid winter patterns that are pretty common for this time of year.  Fishing deeper holes and the edges of these holes vertically has been the most consistent way to catch fish during the day. "Hutch Sauger Slayers" are generally my go to baits for this type of fishing.  Natural colors seem to work the best day in and day out.

Dragging baits away from the boat in shallower water has caught a few fish as well but very inconsistent so far during the day.  During low light periods this tactic is the way to go and usually is throughout the clear water of winter.

We have been spending quite a bit of time on the ice too.  Exploring the endless shallow backwater areas of the river has been fun and productive.  Crappies, bluegills and perch are our main targets while in these areas and have been pretty cooperative on most days.  A variety of baits and techniques work depending on the day and the area.

A quick rundown of pics below....Bridger, Tom Hugley, Blair Fowler, Jeff Fowler, Kyle Wellman, Rick Enright and John Klanchnik all with some samples from the Mississippi River.

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